Quality, Affordable Dentistry

No Insurance? No Problem.

Dentistry is not a commodity, it is as much ART as it is SCIENCE.

Many people simply choose their dentist off an insurance list. They assume that a dental cleaning or a filing is the same no matter where they go and the cheaper the visit, the better deal they’re getting. This is just not true. Dental care and healthcare in general are not one size fits all, and you could think of choosing your dentist or MD similarly. Quality of work, trust, education and attention to detail are all key factors in deciding who to hand over your most prized possessions to – in our case your teeth. You only get 32. That is it. Having a exceptional partner, like Dr. Glaser in your oral health is critical to keeping your smile for a lifetime.

Dr. Glaser’s fees are based on the skill, time and cost involved in providing his service. The investment in your oral health is not always the same as those reimbursed by your insurance company.

To avoid any misunderstandings, we strongly encourage discussion of services and fees. Two-way communication is critical to the positive relationship Dr. Glaser likes to build with his patients. Our Treatment Plan Coordinator will set up a consultation in regard to your treatment plan and then will help make it work for you and your budget. Sometimes we may need to complete treatment in phases or work with financing options to ensure you get the best possible care.

Is Dr. Glaser conservative or aggressive in recommending treatment?

For many professions from medical doctors to plumbers the provider must decide how conservative or aggressive they are going to be in making recommendations. For instance, if you are getting your car fixed, the auto mechanic may list all those things that are not perfect. He or she may even recommend that all these things be addressed in some way. Another auto mechanic may recommend only fixing those things that may become a major issue or a safety issue within the next few months. And yet another mechanic may only address your main concern.

Although the analogy may seem strange it helps illustrate how Dr. Glaser looks at things.

The answer brings us back to Dr. Glaser’s guiding motto – WIDIOM (Would I Do It On Me). Glaser Dental keeps patient cost down by making sure the treatment is necessary, and in line with the patients goals.

At Glaser Dental we are realistic with our patients. We are honest about what we see as a concern and we are honest about when we believe treatment must be sought. Dr. Glaser will fully inform patients about what he sees. Together with the you, Dr. Glaser will create your plan for treatment based on current dental science, his experience, and based upon your desires.

So to answer the above question, Dr. Glaser is more of the middle of the road. And he always goes back to Would I Do It On Me. This guiding principle allows Dr. Glaser to provide a non-biased treatment plan based on the best possible and realistic outcomes for his patients. By being too conservative, there is a possibility that the potential for future problems is too great. Being too conservative may end up costing more money in the long run because problems like wear, occlusal disease and periodontal disease, all of which we know can lead to BIGGER problems were not addressed. By being too aggressive, the costs for care can become more extensive. In addition being too aggressive may eliminate possible options for care in the future.

Dental Wellness Plans

An uncomplicated alternative to traditional dental insurance.

1. We Are Honest & Respect Our Patients

How does Glaser Dental make quality dentistry affordable? It may seem like an unusual response, but we are honest and respectful. These values can save patients thousands of dollars alone. It’s the quality of care and our service that our hallmarks. We keep patient costs down by making sure the treatment is necessary and aligns with patient goals.

It all starts with Dr. Glaser’s WIDIOM motto – Would I Do It On Me? It is the basis of every dental decision he makes.

2. Loyalty Discounts

For patients who belong to our Wellness Plan

We are proud to offer a substantial discount to our loyal patients. Before they were “all the rage,” we offered discounts to patients who decided to forego dental insurance and start making healthcare decisions with their healthcare providers, not the insurance companies.

We tend to always do things a little bit different (dare we say better) here at Glaser Dental, and this program is no exception:

• There are no membership fees
• There are no limitations
• There are no service exclusions

11% Loyalty Discount

Its seems too easy to be true but its not. Glaser Dental applies a 11% Loyalty discount to payment made at time of treatment with cash or check. Discount only available for non-insured patients and date of service.

For those wanting more predictability.. you can always pre-pay on your account for your cleanings and x-rays for the year. Pre-payment coupled with our 11% discount and its an investment that looks just like the other dental office “programs”.

5% Loyalty Discount

Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card and American Express Credit Cards

If you opt to pay using any type of credit card, Glaser Dental will apply a 5% discount for payment made at time of treatment.

Discount only available for non-insured patients and date of service.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express.

In House Discount Programs Compared

“Their” Program
Glaser Program
Annual Cost: $129.00 $0.00
Cleaning (ADA 1110): $99.00 $95.00
Exam (ADA 0120): $59.00 $56.00
TOTAL: $158.00 $151.00
Program Discount: 20% – $31.60 11% Cash Discount
Out of pocket expense: $255.40 $134.40

The chart is meant to illustrate:

  • Transparency. We are happy to share our prices with you.
  • Competitive Pricing. When you sit down and do the math, our cost is as good as if not better than other discount dental programs or insurance. If you have questions about your particular situation we are always willing to assist with questions.

If you’re looking for a new dentist in the Rothschild, Schofield, Weston, Wausau are we will make the transition from your past provider easy!

Glaser Dental accepts online payments

We accept online payments for your convenience. Our payment portal, formerly called SmileDash, is now Converge Pay.

Glaser Dental accepts online payments for pre-payment of your treatment, allowing you to plan and budget for the care you deserve.

Call our office if you have never paid online and would like help.

Please note: You do not need a login and password to access our safe, secure payment portal.