Worn Down Teeth

'Wear' Have All My Teeth Gone?

My teeth have become worn and seem shorter. My smile looks old. What can be done?

If your teeth are badly worn, chipped or uneven there are a couple of things that need to be investigated – form & function!  Occlusal disease may be leading to wear or acid may be eroding your pearly whites. Either way, your teeth are slowing being destroyed by forces together we  can slow. A grind guard (occlusal splint), an equilibrium procedure, and/or lifestyle changes can all help to  slow the progression of tooth loss. So do not wait to address this condition. The longer you wait the more damage there will be.

As for form (appearance), it can be as easy as veneers and crowns to lengthen and de-age your teeth. You will look younger and healthier instantly!

If circumstances allow, Dr. Glaser prefers to replace the missing tooth structure without grinding down your healthy teeth. He will work to find an acceptable bite position and keep as much existing healthy tooth structure as possible. It may be possible to have a full mouth reconstruction or even a partial reconstruction without grinding down any of your natural teeth by using a super bonding technique combined with the new high tech porcelain.

Dr. Glaser uses a technology with a bond so strong that he does not have to grind down the patient’s healthy tooth structure in order to treat worn down teeth. He can complete the care without grinding, needles or shots and add a new smooth whiter layer of strong porcelain to protect the worn down teeth from further damage.

The best treatment options for worn down teeth can be found at Glaser Dental.

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