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We Are Working To Move Your Oral Health Plan Forward

The team at Glaser Dental continues to expand our knowledge and scope of practice through continuing education courses and growing our local network to provide the complete healthcare our patients deserve.

Sometimes, a patient is not interested in exploring anything outside traditional dentistry, but most others are looking for “more.”

Your oral health directly reflects your overall health. Our gum health, oral tissue health, and the functionality of our mouths are closely related to what we feed our bodies.

Our team’s approach to providing innovation through the most current comprehensive methods of science and technology while keeping the simplicity and common sense our small business is built on has led us to partner with a local nutritionist. We have added this professional nutritionist to support our efforts to help those who recognize health, disease, and quality of life must be looked at through a far-reaching lens – including nutrition.

Please note that we are not endorsing one practice over another. We work with providers whose philosophy aligns with our own. Email Dr. Glaser if you are a healthcare provider and are interested in learning more about how he partners with other practices.

An Introduction to Shift Holistic Health

Kirsten Holmson is a trusted professional who owns Shift Holistic Health, a private practice in town. She holds master’s degrees in Clinical Nutrition and Integral Psychology and advanced training in yoga and mindfulness.

She honors the bio-individuality of patients’ bodies, meaning that a “one size fits all” approach to nutrition does NOT exist.

You can find additional bio info on her website and contact her directly via email.

We appreciate that the findings and opinions from any nutritional consultation with Kirsten are hers alone. Still, sharing information and care coordination is the key to best patient outcomes.

If you are interested in care coordination between Dr. Glaser and Shift Holistic Health, please fill out and submit the form below.

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