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Glaser Dental

I have been going to Glaser Dental for about 4 years now and I can honestly say, I have a wonderful experience each and every time. From the time you walk in the door to the time you leave, the customer service is exceptional. The receptionists greet you with a smile and genuine kindness. My hygienist Denise is super knowledgeable and gives recommendations throughout the cleaning. She is extremely friendly and you can tell that she takes great pride in her profession. Dr. Glaser is always nice and seems to have a great relationship with all of the employees I have seen him come into contact with. All in all, a great experience every time!
I had a great experience at Glaser dental. Dr Glaser, and all the staff, are warm and welcoming. Dr Glaser and my hygienist informed me of all the procedures they were performing every step of the way. Additionally, scheduling my appointment was a breeze, and so was check in on the day of my appointment. Overall, I will continue to go to Glaser dental for all my dental needs.
Glaser Dental goes out of their way to take care of people when they have special needs and are always extremely nice. My previous Dental facility refused to do a procedure telling me it could not be done, even though I had it done in the past, so when I went to Glaser they did the procedure and it turned out perfect. I just can't tell people enough about how great this place is.
Staff are wonderful. Entire clinic from the waiting room to the equipment are top notch.
I would not recommended Glaser Dental if you have a busy life. Dr. Tyler terminated doctor patient relationship with me because I had to reschedule couple of times due to sickness and a family funeral. I had 2 year old nephew pass away with SMA. I should of just skip the funeral and went in to the dentist knowing that this was going to happen to me. When I call the office and told the receptionist of what had happen she said that his decision still stands. She said their time is more important to fill their chairs and to make money. Didn’t care if you’re sick, dying or have problems in your life. They want to fill their seat and make money on the insurance.

I also asked for copies of my records and she said that we can’t send them to me or even to pick them up. According to American Dental Association of Wisconsin patient have the right to review, inspect, request, and obtain a copy of their records including radiographs.


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