Crooked Teeth

Restore Your Teeth Alignment and Rejuvenate Your Smile

Crooked Teeth

Besides improving your confidence, treating crooked teeth can also help prevent other dental problems such as tooth decay, gum disease and difficulty chewing. Treatment of misaligned teeth creates a better bite, making teeth fit better and decreasing the risk of future dental problems regardless of age.

Dr. Glaser uses the advances in dental science to make treatment more comfortable and less noticeable. Many of today’s treatment options, such as Invisalign, are designed to minimize the appearance of the appliance to better fit any lifestyle.

Benefits of Repairing Crooked Teeth:

  • Prevent Future Problems – Correcting misaligned teeth now can prevent future problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, and difficulty chewing.

  • Restore Missing Teeth – Improves the ability of Dr. Glaser to restore missing teeth if your teeth are properly aligned.

  • Improves Teeth Function – By properly aligning teeth and jaws.

  • Prevent Bone Loss – Can help prevent or reduce future bone loss around your teeth.

  • Better Smile – Improves facial appearance and aesthetics for a better smile.

  • Improves Oral Health – By correcting issues with teeth spacing, wear, crowding, and bite.

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