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Get A Second Opinion

It Can Put Your Mind, Money, and Mouth at Ease

Your dental treatment plan can be confusing. Glaser Dental can provide you with a second opinion and all the support and information you need to feel comfortable with the investment you are about to make in your health.


Most dentists are honest and hardworking. In private practice, a dentist’s core values and education drive decisions for their practice and the treatment plans they prescribe. The DDS has less autonomy in a corporate office, and the clinic’s owners often outline the organization’s values and procedures.

Fresh Eyes

We are not suggesting you’re being overdiagnosed; we only want to help you know when to seek a second opinion and trust your gut that there are some red flags for you to consider.

Getting a second opinion from a dentist is generally a good idea if:

  • You are concerned that the proposed dental work is too invasive.
  • You are looking to move forward with comprehensive care, and your current provider seems content just fixing things and is not looking at the root of the problem. (Whole health solutions)
  • Do you feel your current dental team is unwilling or able to communicate your treatment options or consider phasing your treatment?
  • Do you feel your current dentist is being too forceful or aggressive when making their recommendations?
  • You have followed recommendations in the past and feel they are not helping your oral health or fixing your problem.
  • If you have left your current office and thought, “My visit was the same as it was 20 years ago.” That’s a substantial RED flag because none of us have the body/mouth we did 20 years ago. Conversations should change. Today’s dentistry is not just about cavities!

This is not a commitment to becoming a Glaser Dental patient.

We would love to have the opportunity to meet you and talk!

If you seek our professional opinion on your case, you are not committed to staying in our care.

We know the value of peace of mind and are here to help you move forward with your oral health choices.

Let’s get started. 

In our office, we recommend you do one of two things if you want a second opinion.      

  1. Come in with your treatment plan & radiographs and directly ask our opinion. Our treatment plan coordinator will walk you through it and discuss the plan you brought in and how / if our team would theoretically approach your case differently.  This visit is a complementary conversation done in our office.  This visit is gratis.
  2. Do not show us your treatment plan. Keep what was suggested at another office and compare it to our proposed treatment plan. Then you are armed to make the best decisions for you and your goals. Knowledge is so powerful. It is your body and, ultimately, your decision on how to invest in it. Because we will diagnose you ourselves, there would be a small investment. We will need to take images, and we may have to use other diagnostic tools to evaluate your current needs precisely. We do not do “FREE” diagnostic 2nd opinions because we feel strongly that our expertise and the use of our technology warrant an investment.

You can consult every dentist in central Wisconsin, but the decision is ultimately yours regarding your health. We look forward to meeting you.

Put Your Mind At Ease.
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